Java Emulator

Shaiya Java Emulator it's a new project that will revolutionize the shaiya community.
Our goal is to build this game on java structure.
The benefits of this project are huge, from ease of work in building new patches to increased running speed of the game.
Behind this project is "Anthon", one of the best programmers who is currently exist in the shaiya community and as Co-Founder is "Adrian" who supports the monthly expenses necessary for developments.
You can also support the work via paypal https://paypal.me/shaiyajava or via patreon https://www.patreon.com/ShaiyaJava

Java Emulator Benefits

-working on Linux;
-use a lot less resources;
-allow us to fix server errors easily;
-allow us to create new features easily;


Anthon: "I'm developing Java code of a shaiya server to make it able to work with any type of a Shaiya client, 8 episode, 7 episode, 6 episode , 4.5 episode, etc... Just any, like the original server. Also I'm having some additions, and we are introducing an ability to remake the whole old game with a modern ideas, features etc. "

Socialize with us!

What's already done?!

-Packets encryption;
-All GM commands;
-Character creation;
-Skills learning/using;
-AI for NPC (attacking, running);
-Item Mall;
-Friends, Black list;
-Item recreation, lapis link and extract;
-Personal market;

Bugs Reports & Fast Support and More

All the bugs and problems you find must report to us in order to improve the java emulator!
If you need technical help, please do not hesitate to send us a message via our discord support. We're happy to help.

What's the future plan?!

-fixing all the bugs with your help;
-creating new server features (e.g auto balance pvp system);
-battle royale system;
-AI for monsters/npc/maps;
-Auto Events system;
more info displayed via our discord channel